Andares Chapter 1 is now complete!

We’re very pleased to announce that all 41 cards of the first chapter of the Andares Adventure are now complete and this first instalment of our game will be available for you to download to print and play within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, you can check out all the cards below:

Sabrien Reed, with 6 of his cards from your Player Deck and 2 Andares cards from the Adventure Pool.
9 Hyvryx cards that form part of the Enemy Pool.
7 Universal cards that also form part of your Player Deck and 2 additional Hyvryx cards for the Enemy Pool.
Three Location cards and three Encounter cards from Chapter 1 of the Andares Adventure.
8 Exploration cards that form the Exploration Deck from Chapter 1 of the Andares Adventure.

All that remains to be done before launch are some finishing touches to the rulebook and preparation of the final final PDFs for you to download and print your cards. Watch this space!

The Quantum Rift Orchestral Suite

With the first free print-and-play release of our adventure card game fast approaching, there’s no better way to get yourself in the mood to play it than hearing this extended version of our Quantum Rift Main Theme, composed and orchestrated to perfection by Francesco Pirrone.

Give yourself a treat and check it out on YouTube now, and look out for the official release of this track and the original across all digital platforms mid-December!

We now have a Wiki!

During November 2020, we will be adding all cards from the print-and-play edition of the Quantum Rift Adventure Card Game onto our new Wiki, along with the basic rules for the game.

We will be doing this in readiness for making the print-and-play PDF sheets available to download (for free) and inviting people to give our game a try!

Any feedback we get will be used to help improve the game before the Kickstarter Campaign that will launch in Summer 2021.

If you are interested in being a playtester using the print-and-play edition, make sure you give our Facebook page a Like or comment on this post on the blog.

The Launch of Quantum Rift on 10/10/2020

We are very pleased to share, on this very special date of 10/10/2020, the theme tune for the wider Quantum Rift Universe, within which all kinds of games, books, films, TV shows have the potential to be based. (The adventure card game we have been sharing is just a drop in the ocean of infinite possibilities.)

Additionally, we would like to announce that there is now a Quantum Rift Community private Discord server, where you can come and talk to us, and other people we are collaborating with to bring the Quantum Rift Universe to life. If you want to join, simply comment on the YouTube video, asking for the invite.