Andares Chapter 1 is now complete!

We’re very pleased to announce that all 41 cards of the first chapter of the Andares Adventure are now complete and this first instalment of our game will be available for you to download to print and play within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, you can check out all the cards below:

Sabrien Reed, with 6 of his cards from your Player Deck and 2 Andares cards from the Adventure Pool.
9 Hyvryx cards that form part of the Enemy Pool.
7 Universal cards that also form part of your Player Deck and 2 additional Hyvryx cards for the Enemy Pool.
Three Location cards and three Encounter cards from Chapter 1 of the Andares Adventure.
8 Exploration cards that form the Exploration Deck from Chapter 1 of the Andares Adventure.

All that remains to be done before launch are some finishing touches to the rulebook and preparation of the final final PDFs for you to download and print your cards. Watch this space!

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