Everything is Quanta (and Quanta is Everything)

Welcome back to our blog, where we are steadily revealing more details about the adventure card game we are developing, set in our brand new Quantum Rift Universe.

Now that we’ve introduced the concept of Quanta, through the Quanta symbols on cards and the coloured Quanta dice (see the image below for a reminder), our goal today is to explore the meaning behind these different symbols and colours.

Just as everything in our universe can be viewed as energy in different forms, according to Einstein’s famous equation (E = mc2), everything in the Quantum Rift Universe is considered to be Quanta energy, which we classify into four main coloured types according to its different forms and applications:

Red represents the physical embodiment of Quanta within living creatures, chosen both for the colour of blood that pumps around the body and for the blood that can be spilled through acts of physical dominance! Consequently, within our card game, you can expect to see at least one red Quanta symbol on strong/athletic characters and those proficient in combat.

Yellow represents mental prowess within sentient beings, chosen for its associations with clarity and wisdom. Characters within our game with at least one yellow Quanta symbol can therefore be considered to have above average intelligence, intellect and mental acuity.

Green represents nature and the concepts of life and growth, chosen for obvious reasons! As such, all characters in our game that you would expect to survive (and potentially thrive) in the wilderness have at least one green Quanta symbol on their cards.

Blue represents technology and engineering (as opposed to natural development/evolution), chosen mostly because it was the only remaining primary colour! When a character in our game is particularly talented with technology or endowed with it, their card will have at least one blue Quanta symbol to show this.

Taking all this into account, what could we deduce about Sabrien Reed and the Hyvryx Predator revealed previously?

If you’ve concluded that Sabrien is likely an accomplished explorer and treasure-hunter from medieval times, armed with a sharp mind and abundance of worldly wisdom (from his world and time at least), you’ve hit the nail right on the head – which is pretty much Sabrien’s limit when it comes to technology!

On the other hand, or any hand in fact, the only thing we can conclude for now about the bioengineered Hyvryx Predator is that it is likely to lead to plenty of blood loss.

So one question remains for today: Will Sabrien’s weakness with technology be his undoing when he encounters the Hyvryx faction on his next adventure?

If this has you intrigued, be sure to tune in next time, when we reveal another Hyvryx unit and a new card type: Encounter.

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