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Game Setup

One of our primary design goals when developing the Quantum Rift Adventure Card Game was that setup time should be kept to an absolute minimum. This was based on our experiences with other great games and considerable market research, where we heard the worst thing about the best games was almost always the setup and clear-away time!


In the photo above, you can see the game setup for Chapter 1 of Adventure 1, where Sabrien Reed, armed with The Shy Sword, has found himself at some Temple Ruins in the midst of an encounter with two Hyvryx Scouts who are very likely about to Seek and Destroy our intrepid hero!

Aside from the cards in play, there are some small piles that have been prepared:

  • Enemy Pool (red facedown unordered pile of 9 cards)
  • Encounter Pool (blue facedown unordered pile of 2 cards)
  • Location Stack (dark green facedown ordered pile of 2 cards)
  • Adventure Pool (right-hand gold facedown unordered pile of 2 cards)
  • Exploration Deck (light green shuffled facedown pile of 8 cards)
  • Player Deck (bottom-left gold facedown shuffled pile of 7 cards)

You can also see five cards at the bottom of the photo to show the starting hand drawn from the Player Deck. There are also 4 Quanta dice matching the symbols on our hero, Sabrien.

(More details about game setup can be found in the rulebook, which will be shared in the very near future.)