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Welcome to the Quantum Rift Wiki!


The print-and-play edition of the Quantum Rift Adventure Card Game is available now.

To browse the cards, you can follow the links below.

Sabrien Pool

Sabrien Reed has found himself far from home, on another planet in another time. The cards in his pool represent what he had with him at the point his Quantum Rift occurred.

Andares Pool

Andares is the setting of the first Quantum Rift adventure, where Sabrien must explore and survive. Other settings released in the future will have their own Units, Locations, Encounters and Exploration cards.

Hyvryx Pool

The Hyvryx race are monstrous technological hybrids, specialising in harvesting and salvaging from planets on the brink of annihilation, such as Andares.

Universal Pool

Universal cards can be part of any Player Deck regardless of the chosen Hero.